September 29,2023

iSportz Expands Next-Generation Sports Management and Engagement SaaS Platform

 January 25,2023

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iSportz Expands Next-Generation Sports Management and Engagement SaaS Platform

Lindsey Roberts
Director, Public Relations
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iSportz, a leading provider of an integrated Sports Management and Engagement SaaS Platform unveiled new features and capabilities as part of January 2023 release. iSportz Sports Management Platform caters to a range of stakeholders, including governing bodies, associations, clubs, teams, major & minor leagues, coaches, volunteers, athletes, and fans. The Sports Management and Engagement SaaS platform is aimed at a range of key use cases: Club & Team Management, Member Management, Event Management, Learning Management, Community Engagement, Merchandize & eCommerce, and Fundraising.

iSportz is leveraging next-generation technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), and Web3 & blockchain technologies while offering a compelling user experience (UX), advanced analytics, and deep product-level integration. iSportz “Sports Community Platform” connects the wider sports community with sports fans worldwide and is tailored for individual users with a compelling UX.

In October 2022, iSportz was selected for a seed stage investment after a competitive evaluation by StarterStudio and UCF Business Incubation Program. iSportz was invited to exhibit at Synapse Orlando 2022 and drew attention and interest from key decision makers in the wider sports ecosystem. “At iSportz, we are driven by the vision to integrate a fragmented sports ecosystem by eliminating data, process, and technology silos. Our Next-Generation Sports Management and Engagement SaaS Platform is a first in the industry to cater to the requirements of a range of users across B2B and B2C segments”, said Vijay Krishnan, Founder and CEO at iSportz.

iSportz Sports Management and Engagement Platform has processed over 25,000 online transactions for registrations (e.g., membership, events, and certifications) and grew over 100% in the second half of 2022.

“iSportz is helping us revolutionize the registration process for youth softball. We are working with iSportz to create a one-stop-shop membership platform and a club management service to meet the diverse requirements of clubs, teams, coaches, and athletes”, said Jami Lobpries, CEO, Alliance Fastpitch.

iSportz is currently running a free trial and discounted subscription program, “Grow Sports 2023” to enable users and their sports organizations to get started quickly and tackle their most pressing sports management and engagement challenges. Interested sports clubs, teams, organizations, and individual users can sign up for the “Grow Sports 2023” program at:

About iSportz

iSportz, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, US offers industry’s first, integrated Sports Management and Engagement SaaS Platform for B2B and B2C market segments. iSportz next-generation Sports Management and Engagement SaaS platform enables the wider sports community to be more productive, better connected, and more engaged than ever before. For more information, please visit

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