June 20,2024

How Marketing Automation Will Work For You

No matter where you turn, most brands are telling you to adopt ‘this technology’ or invest in ‘that solution’ if you’re to stay ahead of the curve.

In many respects, they’re right. However, it all depends on the type of tool you put your trust in, and how it’ll benefit your brand’s specific needs. Because even if you have all the innovation in the world, you still might not be getting the results you want – it’s about what’s right for you.

Marketing automation helps you to save time, be relevant, and win customers – it works with you, not against you. It’s not there to steal your job or lead the charge for ‘robots taking over the world’ either… Far from it.

What martech offers is the chance for marketers to take back control of their time and budget. It helps by managing the mundane tasks – such as updating the organization’s CRM or sending emails – so the marketing department can get back to being creative.

Saving you time

Helping you to build high-performing campaigns and landing pages in minutes – rather than hours – your automated system can also be set up so you’re automatically sending emails with the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

That means you’ll be increasing your engagement rate because you’re focused on relevant content that you know converts. And when it takes an average of six touchpoints before a consumer’s engaged in your brand, you need hyper-relevant content that consistently lands well.

With marketing automation, creating an engaging email nurture sequence – taking a recipient all the way from your organization’s introduction to a final conversion-rich piece of copy – provides killer competitive advantage. From that, you can build an integrated campaign in minutes too so you’re leveraging every drop of marketing effort and maximising your brand budget in the process.

Helping you segment your audience and hyper-personalise comms

There are so many articles out there stating that over 300 billion emails are sent by brands across the globe every single day. So, how can you and your marketing colleagues achieve the desired cut-through?

By ensuring you’re talking to people who want to receive your message, you’re speaking to the people who are hopefully going to become customers for life. And this type of recipient doesn’t want to receive irrelevant, bland, ‘batch and blast’ emails that everyone else gets, they want something that’s hyper-personalised and answers their specific pain-point.

And when you’re able to tailor your content using granular detail from your automated data, you’ll not only help to preserve your low unsubscriber rate but you’ll also increase your chances of having the majority of your emails engaged with in future because you’re becoming a trusted brand who listens to its audience.

And using automation, to drill down into your critical data and segment each audience member into a specific group, means you’re better able to hyper-personalise comms which reflect each individual’s of-the-moment interests.

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